Some of the first glassblowing shops in Germany were formed in 1597 in Lauscha, a small town in the Thuringian Forest. It wasn't until 1847 that Lauscha became recognized as a world leader in the blown-glass Christmas ornament industry. Many of the locals were poor, so they could not afford traditional Christmas tree ornaments such as fruits and nuts. The locals created molds used to create glass fruit and nut ornaments. Add some hand-painting and the first blown-glass Christmas decorations were born. Many of the original ornament styles are still popular today. When the ornaments were introduced to the U.S. and other overseas countries, glass-blowing became the number one industry in the small town.

Early Glass Blowing Shop In Lauscha Our Town - Lauscha, Germany

Early Glass Blowing Shop In Lauscha Our Town – Lauscha, Germany Through the creativity of the glassblowers, came many incredible shapes and sizes. Styles such as pine cones, birds, mushrooms and icicles were also created. The types of ornaments created in the small town show the interconnectedness of the forest and the home. Today there is almost nothing that can not be hung as an ornament on the tree. Lauscha is one of the most traditional and oldest glassworking places in Europe. Still today, more than 50% of the inhabitants are engaged in the glass industry.